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  • Zabria Roberts

Be Dope and Go Vote!

It is General Election time meaning it’s YOUR time to exercise your right by getting out there and voting. Voting is a right that many before us have spent years and years of their lives fighting for so why not vote. Every election, there’s always people who have something to say about what happened but did nothing to try and change the outcome. Voting gives you a choice to pick the best candidate, even if the person you voted for doesn’t win, you can still say you tried and voiced your opinion. Just the act of voting can be empowering, knowing that you had a hand in selecting someone you deem qualified to hold a position in office. It’s our responsibility as citizens to see to it that we do not end up with government leaders who are going to abuse their power and wreak havoc on our country. When you choose not to vote, you give your vote, your choice, your right away. When you don’t vote, you automatically hand your ballot over to the worst candidate possibly allowing them to cast an illegal vote under your name. Governmental policies and operations impact every aspect of our lives. From healthcare to education, everything always goes back to governmental policies. So, to ensure that the government functions for the people, it is elected by the people. We should never let go of this privilege for our own sake. By voting, we put forward our valuable opinion as to how the government should be ran and operated. So Be Dope and Go Vote!