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HELP, she says I am killing her sex life!

Daily, I'm being tagged , emailed, and or messaged some extremely HOT tea by individuals. Typically requesting my help in order to assist individuals with their relationship issues. So, I've decided to bring you Dear Kedra Nicole. Providing you with some sweet honey for your tea. After all, I do not claim to know it all and I'm sure that any help that is provided will be of great appreciation for these individuals. To keep the privacy of each letters author, I have changed their names. This is a "NO JUDGEMENT ZONE" and it will remain that way. Well, let us jump right into it.

Dear Kedra Nicole,

May you help me save my marriage? I will be true with you but please don't judge me. I really need help in my bedroom. I was listening to your sex talk show and you said a lot that would help but I was confused on how or where to start.

How do you set up the bedroom during the day to make sex even greater for that night? What kind of text should I send throughout the day? My wife says that I have killed her sex life, I don't know when I'm inside of her, and it's becoming a huge turn off for her. It also doesn't help when people are in her ear and trying to get her to leave me. I am at a full erection but the position, her plus size, and the type of oil she uses doesn't seem to help. It's hard for me to read her body language and know when she wants sex. Please help! I'm afraid I'm going to lose my wife if I can't figure this out.

Priceless Peter

I took time to provide "Priceless Peter" with 6 tips to assist him with getting on the right path with his wife. Now ladies, just because a man has written this letter doesn't mean that you can't gain tips from this.

1. Women are easy to be swept off of our feet. Go simple while being clear of your true intentions.

2. Letting her know that you're thinking her, how beautiful she is, how much you appreciate her, and reflect on one of the best times you've had together is always a start.

3. Make it plain and let her know exactly what you want. Yes, I went back to stating your "true intentions". Whether it's to make love, have sex, try something new, and etc.

4. Make sure that the oils and or lubricants that you use aren't to stimulate and or numb the area. Astroglide, organic coconut oil, and grape-seed oils are great choices to use.

5. Create nights to be unselfish by orally satisfying her or include toys to assist in enhancing your night with her.

6. Start with her on her knees with her chest against the bed and or sex pillow. This will allow you total control and you could even provide clitoral stimulation by hand or with a toy during this position. Another position is her other back with her legs to one side. That way you can connect by looking into her eyes, caress her breast, and go a tad bit deeper.

What are some tips that you would suggest to "Priceless Peter"? If you have some tea that you would like sweetened in order to revive your relationships, a topic that you would like discussed, or even suggestions for my show. You may contact me at and it would be my pleasure to help. Be sure to tune in with me, Kedra Nicole, every Thursday from 7-9pm est. for Reviving Relationships.


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