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Is Age Really Just A Number?

Lately there has been a lot of conversation about what age gaps are appropriate for dating. Since a lot of new relationships have emerged it seems as if hell has broken loose on social media. There are certain relationships that are deemed acceptable and then there's some that aren't. We don't give Beyonce'(36) and Jay-Z(48) who've been together forever a hard time. Neither did we care about all the older women Usher has dated. There was Chilli, Naomi Campbell and Tameka Foster who are all older than him and his current wife Grace who's his senior, but we didn't have much to say about that. It's an obvious factor that Usher likes older women. Or one of my favorite couples: Gabrielle Union (45) and Dwayne Wade (36). It was exciting and we were here for it, but now it seems to be a little different. R.Kelly and his friends will be left out for obvious reasons. I only want to discuss legal relationships and not alleged illegal ones.

A few past and current relationships I want to bring to the light are Amber Rose(34) and 21 Savage(25), Reginae Carter (19) and rapper Lucci (27), and Blac Chyna and someone's 18-year-old son. These relationship have seemed to be getting a lot of flack and negativity because of the age differences. Amber Rose and Blac Chyna aren't ideally role models depending on who you ask but you have to admit they will get and keep a man around. For Reginae, I had a tough time with this one at first, but if her mama and daddy approve then who am I? I say all this to say that I was the biggest hypocrital at first and judging because I prefer my men older, but not leaps and jumps older. Did I find a few of these relationships to be freakishly uncomfortable at first? OF COURSE, but now I would just say that I hope they are ready for what comes with dating an older/younger individual. You're definitely going to learn a few things. We've allowed society and our upbringing to tell us what's right and what's wrong. So far it seems to be working for a few of our favs so I'm minding my business.

Like most I was like oh no if you aren't at least 4 to 5 years older or younger then I don't forsee it working, but if they like it then I love it. Let these cougars and baby cubs enjoy their love. So it begs the question to age just a number? I think so.


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