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Keyshia Cole loses Case Against Woman She Assaulted

Keyshia Cole is back in the news again for her 2014 assault case. If don't remember Keyshia Cole was arrested for attacking a woman that she found in Birdman's home. Yes, they were dating at the time, and that's something I still haven't came to terms with, however, Sabrina Mercadel (the alleged mistress) sued Keyshia.

TMZ reports, "Mercadel, who was in the unit, was on the receiving end of Keyshia's rage. She says Keyshia punched her in the face, yanked her hair and clawed her face and mouth with her nails. Sabrina says she lost the use of a finger as a result of the attack. The suit ended with a default judgment against Keyshia because she was a no-show in court. Sabrina was awarded $100,635 ... that's a lot of money, but nowhere near the $4 million Sabrina was after."

Well at least you can put this behind you Keyshia and keep your hands to yourself. That new album is great by the way.


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