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Memorable Interviews Creates Lasting Relationships

Radio provides a ton of entertainment for the world by giving information in the most creative ways. The personalities, music, or no music if you prefer and the content are only a portion of what makes a show successful. A big part of a successful show goes to none other than the guests. Guests grow your listenership and constantly invite others to your platform, while growing their platform as well. Its a push/pull relationship. The most fun part is the relationship that you all build together that allows you to create memories of a life time. After 306 episodes and 19,700 shows later, I've definitely created memories.

Now that we have that down to a science, guests with the biggest talents and personalities is why I do this job! They make those two hours that I'm live worth it. For the past three years there hasn't been one question that's been off limits on "Real Talk with Chequelle' and I love it! If I'm feeling extra creative that day I allow them to ask me questions as well no matter how uncomfortable it may be for me lol. My most favorite interviews have come from independent artists of all kinds whether they are musicians, producers, tattoo artists etc., because they are the most opinionated and expresses themselves openly and honestly and we can discuss a wide range of topics.

Thanks to a few of my most memorable interviews, my show is what it is today. Thank you Gadget, Masfino, Drico Suave, T-Bailey, Cho Rambo, DJ Brad, Aleon Stacks, Frederick Pernell, King of Da Bama, K-Lowe, Darenegade, YTN Bam, Marquese 'Skinny" Averett, 02 Deep, KBlack and

Tasha Walker. I'm always excited and ready to see what my future guest will bring!

*everyone listed is not pictured*


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