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Columbus Georgia's Civic Center Prepares to House Hurricane Irma Evacuees

The city of Columbus, Georgia is preparing to do it's part for the evacuees of Hurricane Irma as thousands of families are leaving the state of Florida. With the help of the American Red Cross, the Columbus Civic Center is prepared to house over 500 evacuees. We spoke with Art Thomason, the Event Services Manager of the Civic Center, to discuss the accommodations of the evacuees, volunteers, necessities and more.

"We have nurses available, once a person comes into the site they'll be able to receive the necessary care that they need, we're set up for 500 here at the Civic Center. The overflow site will be the Frank Chester recreation center in conjunction with parks and recreation.

As far as the ability for individuals to shower and have food, Thomason says, "at this site they will be able to get a hot shower, as you can see they have places for folks to sleep. We have a cafeteria set up where the folks will be able to get at least 3 meals during their stay here. We're hoping that its a short stay, but we're prepared for the long all."

There are state agencies Red Cross, DFCS, and Medical available to assist as well, they will be located at the Civic Center until the end of the state of emergency call.


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