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Singer Keke Wyatt Claims Husband Wants A Divorce

Singer KeKe Wyatt is having a tough time in her personal life right now. She's eight months pregnant with her 9th child, has one child battling cancer and now she claims that he husband Michael Jamar wants a divorce! She took to her Instagram this morning and posted a very emotional video to explain what's been going on in her life.

"Wanna know something America? When you're eight months pregnant and you have a child sick, in and out of the hospital and your husband has the nerve to tell you he wants a divorce. Because he says that you're an emotional wreck. He says that from the very beginning you never trusted me and all that kind of stuff. Like yeahhh. Telling other people, other women that we getting a divorce. Like what? I am so done with Michael Jamar."

The video has since been deleted but it is floating around on all of the blogs. Last week we spotted Keke performing her heart out to her fans while she appears to be ready to pop. We're praying for you Keke and hope that everything gets better.

Keke is pushing a new single "Summertime" which is available on Itunes now.


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