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Out & About: R&B Group Final Draft

One Sunday afternoon I was out and about wondering what the commotion was all about at a Walmart in Columbus. Flashing cameras, music, and harmonious melodies filled Walmart on Victory Drive as R&B group “Final Draft” stopped through to meet their fans. Crying children, excited teens and also adults of all ages greeted the 4 Atlanta natives with warm welcomes and cheer. The hit television show “America’s Got Talent” introduced the world to Divine, Voice, Dnyce, and Lucky as they belted out “It’s a Man’s World”, by James Brown and captivated millions. Over the past six years, the quartet has worked diligently with one another to ensure that their musical dreams become a reality.

The deemed modern day temptations were brought together by Dnyce’s mom Makina, who also manages the group and the artists rehearse heavily to perfect their craft daily.

“Sun up to sun down we’re working. [We] take our lunch break for an hour, come back and we’re right back at it,” says Divine, the founder of the group.

Performing in front of crowds is something that they do not take lightly. They are humbled by the outpouring support that is received each and every time they perform.

“ The expectations are really high because we really work hard at what we do, we’re really passionate about what we do, but we never know what to expect out of anybody, so every time we see the crowd that gives us that love and that energy its always a surreal moment,” Divine explains.

From social media to the television screen, there are millions that are following the Final Draft to watch their rise to superstardom, and they are determined to rise to the occasion leaving fans with these expectations of “greatness, passion, and real dudes that really love to sing [that] are bringing that feel good singing back how it used to be.”

They didn’t forget about the readers: “To Columbus, Georgia we love yall, thank you for all the love that you show on a daily basis, we see the comments. We love yall it’s a second home we couldn’t do it without yall.”


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