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R.Kelly Accused of Running Sex Cult

*Deep sigh,* Robert Kelly is back in the news again, and of course its pertaining to sex and young women. According to Baller Alert, a young girl's parents are accusing R. Kelly of running an abusive sex cult that has corrupted their daughter's mind. The parents are saying that she was sucked into his cult by being promised a singing career, this is getting more and more irritating as I write.

"The mother, who goes by “J” in the report, tells Buzzfeed about how her 19-year-old daughter met R. Kelly backstage at a concert in Atlanta with the promise that R. Kelly was going to help propel her music career. Now, two years after the meeting, J has lost control of her daughter, who is living with R. Kelly and appears to be completely brainwashed, via Baller Alert."

Now there's several other women in Kelly's life that have confirmed that he does have this alleged cult and has about six different women living with him. This comes shy of his former personal assistant Cheryl Mack, and Asante Mcgee who also lived with Kelly at a point in time. They allege that he controls every aspect of them and if they get out of line, he abuses them. Go figure.

When they said he married Aaliyah and she was only 15 we were torn between if it was true or not. (That horrible Aaliyah biopic was trash and answered no real questions). When they said he peed on a young girl were at odds about that too, but now this whole thing about having a cult filled with young women whom he controls is down right believable. He always said he didn't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind, but not once was he specific about the age of the person he was bumpin' and grindin' with. You have one job R. Kelly and that's to give us music! To the parents, just pray for your daughter, she's 19 and legally an adult.

I really feel bad for those young women, his kids and his family, how embarrassing.