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Odd or Supportive? Drake asks Restaurant to Play Jay-Z's new album in his presence.

Let's just cut to the chase on this one, Drake had a special request while in Baltimore on Thursday night as he dined in at a restaurant. No he didn't ask for extra napkins (well maybe), but he asked at midnight that they play Jay-Z's new album 4:44.

Now if you've been following these two there's an unspeakable beef that follows them. It all sparked last year, over what,

that question still has yet to be answered but let me drop a few receipts for you.

"Drake and Hov have an interesting relationship. Once collaborators on songs like “Light Up,” “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2,” and “Know Bout Me,” the two seemed to have a falling out. Last year, rumors of a beef surfaced as thinly-veiled shots appeared on tracks like Drake’s “Sneakin'” and Hov’s “I Got the Keys.” This year, that continued on Hov’s “Shining” and Drizzy’s “Portland." (Via Rap-up)

There's so many things that goes on behind the scenes of this industry that we hardly get to see. If they are making amends cool, if not there's no way that I would want my arch nemesis new album to be playing while I'm trying to eat and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Maybe a kumbaya moment is ahead for those two, because there doesn't seem to be a reconciliation insight for Jay and Kanye anytime soon.


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