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Derek Fisher Crashes SUV: Charged with DUI

Well its official that former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher has been charged with a DUI from his June 4th crash of his Cadillac Escalade in Los Angeles. Its being reported (TMZ), that Gloria Govan, his girlfriend was also in the car during the incident which occurred around 3 am.

With 911 being called and on the way, from the listening of the recording Gloria was calm and seemed to be alright. No passengers were injured which is always a great thing.

"If convicted on both counts of DUI, Fisher faces up to 6 months in jail -- but since it's his first offense, he most likely won't spend a single minute behind bars. Instead, he'll probably get probation, fines and orders to complete an alcohol education class. After the crash, Fisher was adamant he'll never repeat his mistake ever again."

Here's where my light bulb starts to go off however, if you have two grown adults together and one has been drinking, is the other not capable of driving? Was Gloria under the influence as well? Have yall ever heard of UBER, LYFT or a CAB for that matter? It irks me to hear of how apologetic some stars are after an accident has occurred when you have too many options. Either way I guess we will just have to wait and see how this plays out for Fisher.


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