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Keke Palmer "Winds Up" with Quavo

This has been a dope week already for new releases. Keke Palmer is mainly known for her killer acting skills, but she's always dropped music along the way and this time she back again with a new song. The single "Wind Up" is off her new upcoming EP "Lauren" and it features Quavo. Lately Quavo has been reminding me of Lil Wayne back in 2007 when he was featured on everybody's song you can think of, but that's neither here nor there.

Keke's single discusses how she's always been a hard working woman since the age of 9 and even took us back to the days where she and her family lived in a minivan. It gives a nice personal touch. If that's not all, she and her dancers go H.A.M. on stage for a dope performance and she and Quavo were also hollograms. Cool touch for her new single

. Of course yall let me know what you think.


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