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Tinashe's race debate?!

R&B singer Tinashe has started a great debate with her interview with The Guardian, about sexism and colorism in the music industry. The part that is really striking a nerve with people is her input about colorism. According to Tinashe she feels as if her music isn't succeeding because she's not fully black and if you're not Beyonce or Rihanna nobody cares about your music...

Now no disrespect, I am actually a fan of Tinashe, but girl it's not because you're not fully black, not because you're not Beyonce or Rihanna, its just because your music is inconsistent and not the best. If she released more consistently music and got better management, more people would know about her! I feel as if it has absolutely nothing to do with her being "half black." And from the looks of the clapbacks on social media it seems I am not the only person who feels this way!

Some people sided with her saying how it is hard being mixed race and how the industry won't market that (that's pure malarkey!) All the buzz was supposed to be about Tinashe's new album "Joyride" debuting this year. Well if it helps, we all now know you have an album coming out girl! Will you guys listen? And how do you feel about her comments on racism? Do you agree or disagree? I'll definitely give her album a listen when it comes out to see if she's stepped her game up!


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