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Tamar Braxton and Toya Wright Rumble on Social Media!

Well, well, well, if you think that petty feuds between friends end after your teenaged years, I'm here to tell you that it is A LIE! Tamar's "apology" and I use that term loosely, turned into the shade match of year between she and Toya Wright. Yesterday the reality stars went head to head on social media about who was really lying and who was a true friend to Tameka "Tiny" Harris. So let's see if I can catch you guys up. Tiny posts a picture of Logan (Tamar's son) who is her god child wishing him a Happy Birthday. Tamar then turns around and posts a picture of Tiny and T.I. with the following caption that set everything off:

Toya didn't take too well to being brought into Tamar's public "apology" to Tiny and being called "paper back Toya," so she gave Tamar a few choice words of her own and got Mrs. Braxton-Herbert all the way TOGETHER.

Toya's closure to this iconic snap back was "love always, paperback Toya" and it sent me over the edge. Tamar is too old to be carrying on the way that she does. I believe in her heart that her apology to Tiny was sincere, but why bring Toya into it? I guess we all know the truth now. I shall be watching this story closely, because something tells me this isn't the end. Reginae popped off her two cents but in this matter she had every right to come for someone who was coming for her mom, so let the child live today. Toya has since deleted her post and replaced it with promo material for her "paperback book," but Tamar's post is still up on her instagram. Tisk Tisk, poor Tiny. Who's side are you on?


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