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Michael B. Jordan's home Burglarized

Maybe it's something in the water, because every A-Lister around is getting hit by a burglar. 50 cent, Nicki Minaj, Scott Disick and more have all had their homes broken into lately.

Michael B. Jordan is the newest star to have his home burgarlized. His San Fernado Valley, California home was hit by a burglar a few weeks ago Page Six reports. A window in his home was smashed for the burglar to enter. Money and jewelry were taken from the home, the amount has not been disclosed to the public.

The "Black Panther" actor wasn't home during the time of the burglary. His camp also didn't respond for comment.

I always say that if a celebrity's home is hit its an inside job, but hey it is what it is. I'm glad that he wasn't home. I'm anxious to see how the "Black Panther" movie turns out. It's scheduled for release in 2018. Stay outta people houses and get a job.


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