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Jeezy Sued for 2014 concert Death of Promoter

Young Jeezy is back under fire today. The family of the concert promoter Eric Johnson has hit the artist with a wrongful death suit. In 2014, the Atlanta rapper performed in California on the "Under the Influence Tour" with Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla Sign, and more when Johnson was shot multiple times according to FOX NEWS.

It's being reported that the family has more information that the "trap or die" rapper is definitely the shooter. TMZ is reporting that the family says an eyewitness told Mountain View PD, the shooter looked like Young Jeezy. TMZ is also reporting that two years later the witness repeated that claim in a deposition. The family says the exact same witness picked him out of a photo lineup as the shooter. They say a 2nd witness described the shooter to a police sketch artist who drew someone that looked "eerily similar to the way Young Jeezy looked "the night of the shooting."

The family says it was never given a direct explanation as to who was suspected of the crime or why Jeezy was never charged. Johnson's kids are suing for funeral expenses and other damages.

Hopefully Jeezy and his lawyers can get this whole situation cleared out and the family is brought closure for the loss of their loved ones. Prayers for all parties involved.


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