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50 Cent Punches Female Fan that results in a Twerk session!

I've always said that there was one person I would never want to be in an argument with on social media, well ever in life either for that matter, and that person is none other than 50 cent. Curtis Jackson is known for not giving a damn what he says or who he says it too. We've all come to accept that but now, according to TMZ a video has surfaced of 50 cent punching an overly excited female fan in Baltimore during the "Filthy's beautiful" concert with the LOX. While the "Im The Man" artist was performing on stage, a female fan pulls his arm and 50 cent takes a swing and punches the fan. Now at first glance it would look like he's taken a page out of the book of Kevin Gates it seems, right? but it sort of looks as if he just punched the fan off of reflex. She seemed fine as the fan is then brought on stage with the rapper to twerk while he continues to perform. If she likes it then I love it. If getting a chance to twerk with an artist that you love fixes getting punched, hit or kicked then everyone would be out here trying it. Maybe Miguel should have thought of that before he took his karate kick jump or Kevin Gates before he kicked that fan in Florida. WELP! Check out the footage below courtesy of Youtube and TMZ.


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