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  • Chequelle Brown

Kendrick Lamar Rises Again

Grammy-award winning rapper Kendrick Lamar is back and on fire! Within the week, Lamar has dropped not one, but two singles that has the entertainment industry buzzing! “The Heart Part 4,” (dropped March 23rd), and “Humble,” (dropped March 30th), are raising a lot of questions as to whom are Lamar’s astronomical lyrics aimed towards. Many are speculating that “The Heart Part 4” takes a few shots at Big Sean and the state of the country since President Trump was elected into office. Whether that is true or not, it does not replace the fact that Lamar has something to say and he is not withholding any punches. If you thought that he was done giving out history lessons, Thursday night, he drops “Humble” and reminds everyone to “be humble, sit down.” Take a listen to Lamar’s latest hit below. There are high expectations for his newest album when it’s released. Will it top to “Pimp A Butterfly?” Only time will tell either way, welcome back Kendrick we missed you!


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